Charlbury Beer Festival
Real Ale at Charlbury Beer Festival
Charlbury Beer Festival 2015
Beer and bar
Charlbury Beer Festival Great Day Out
Charlbury Beer Festival Live Music
Charlbury Beer Festival Real Ales
Morris Dancers at Charlbury Beer Festival
Busy for beer at Charlbury Beer Festival
Another beer please
Charlbury Beer Festival 2016

Our 2017 Principal Sponsor

21st year confirmed

Saturday 30th June.

Join us in 2018 to add to the £200k + already rasied for worthy causes.

For a fascinating and thought-provoking perspective on last year’s festival read Kris Butler’s blog, A Tree and Beer Awakening.

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Thank you to Falk Schieber for his photos of CBF 2013.

20 years of beers!

We served over 50 different beers this year! Click here for the 2017 beer list.

And we've served over 600 different beers in 20 years!

Download the Beer History.



£200k in 20 years!

The Charlbury Beer Festival exists solely to raise money for good causes. With your help, we've raised over £200k in 20 years.

Organised and staffed entirely by volunteers, every penny of profit goes to help worthy local and oversees organisations.

See our Grants page for further details.

Great entertainment!

A massive "thank you" to all the bands and artists who played live sets at this year's 20th celebratory festival!

The Culture Club - featured an amazing line-up in 2017, thank you to everyone that spoke, presented, read poems, did workshops, you name it, if its cultural, it happened here!