Our 2018 ‘line-up’ of cider and perrys features some firm old favourites.


The Old Prisoner Vintage 2016

Traditional Cotswold cider brewed by the traditional farmhouse  scrumpy method.  Hand crafted from over 15 local varieties of apples with 10% crab apples.  Matured for 9 months and blended with honey. Infused with French Oak chippings. No artificial preservatives or yeast.  A smooth silky bitter-sweet taste and full  apple aroma. Brewed at the Old Prison Northleach courtesy of the Cotswolds AONB and the Wychwood project for processing equipment.


Sharecroppers Charlbury ciders

Each year Charlbury Sharecroppers pick about 2 tonnes of dessert and cooking apples from gardens within 9 miles from Charlbury. Last year was another good year for apples which have been pressed and fermented using only natural yeasts to make about 50 gallons of cider given away for sale at local festivals. We've selected the best two barrels for the Charlbury Beer Festival.


Half Mile Bush dry cider

Lovely dry cider. Named after the 4 acre field called Half Mile Bush along the Ditchley Road which was pasture in 1761 when owned by Edward Poole, arable in 1820 when owned by Mary Ward, and is now pasture again.


Hind's Park medium cider

Delicious medium cider. Named after the 5 acre field called Hind's Park along Hundley Way which was arable in 1761 when owned by Thomas Brooks, still arable in 1820 when owned by Francis Grace, and now planted with trees



We've also got some great Perrys.

NB. Perrys are highlighted in red in the list below. All listings are subject to change.


Cider FarmDrinkStyle
Cider by RosieCiderSweet 6.5%
Double VisionCiderMedium 7.4%
King BrainCiderMedium Sweet 6.5%
Lancashire LuneCiderDry 7%
Rosie'sTriple D CiderMedium 6.8%
Sharecroppers Half Mile BushCiderDry 6.4%
Sharecroppers Hind's ParkCiderMedium 6.4%
The Old PrisonerVintage CiderMedium 5.5%
Waulkmill WallaceCiderMedium 5%
SevernsidePerryMedium 5.8%
Three SaintsPerryMedium 5.3%