The Culture Club

Culture Club. 24 June 2017.


Once again the Culture Club tent hosted a wide range of entertainment at the 2017 CBFestival.

The choirs of Charlbury Primary School sang a selection of their favourite songs.

Kris Butler of the Boston Map Society talked about drinking around the world, and gave away an amazing array of craft ales.

Dr Romola Parish and Christine Elliott talked about mapping the local landscape.

Professor Fiona Stafford talked about her acclaimed book The Long, Long of Trees.

Mike Webb talked about the debate to save Charles I’s life at the end of the Civil War.

And there was a ‘Meet the brewer’ session with Mattias Sjöberg of the Shotover Brewing Company.

Thank you to them all.

A poem for the festival.

Romola Parish returned as our first Poet in Residence and shared her thoughts on the day:

Hog roast and poppadums,

tea, cake and glass cosies,

Aunt Sally – wild cricket lobbing stumps at the ball.

Footballs on elastic strings like the mittens kids used to have,

determined face of one young lad

at the Top Score stall

aiming his right foot at the ball

hoping his score at the end of the day

will be the highest of all.


I met a man and his wife from Illinois

who’ve come for the last four years,

and an Aussie on stopover who said

it was well worth the effort to come,

a lady who spoke of American beer

and shared it with those who were there,

and a lady who talked of legendary trees

and a man on the killing of kings.


And the sun came and went

and the wind flapped the tent

and the red-shirted workers toiled on

in every small niche

of the green cricket pitch

save the tent wherein gurgled the beer.


I’m Comfortably Numb on my seat in the sun

and a Punch in the Face slipped down a treat,

watched the Morris men mingle and jingle their feet

like they’re chasing a Russian Rare Bit.

I’m way over the yard arm and needing my bed

but the Friendly Rottweiler’s awake,

so I hope that the White Horse that’s stalking my glass

can see its way home in the dark.